The Health Club is a digital behavioral medicine clinic. Let us help you choose health.


Our signature program is a 16 week digital and behavior change lifestyle intervention, aimed at helping you and/or your loved ones choose health.


Let’s talk about what matters most. Your health. And not only in the blood pressure and weight kind of way. Let’s talk about your energy levels, your quality of life, and your happiness. Let’s talk about you. Our 16 week program offers you a digital and customized health care solution unlike anything you will find in the public health care setting. Your health deserves one on one attention and we are here to help.



We know you are busy. For that reason our program is flexible. It allows you the time to think through your health behaviours and your challenges, and connects you to the right resources to make the healthy behaviour the easy behaviour.  From one on one phone calls to in-person consults and follow-ups, we offer you options so that you and your health receive all the attention they deserve.


Your family. Your friends. Your career. Your sex life. We know that everything and everyone can affect your health. Our behaviour change and medical content focuses on your life, and not only on one condition. We believe in a balanced, healthy approach to life. Our blogs and programs are customized so that they work for you and your health needs.

Are you ready to choose health?

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